Suchness Collection

Suchness Collection - Fine silk clothing and handcrafted artisan jewelry

The Suchness Collection® has been designed by spa consultant and spa developer, Catherina Zorok Bernstein

~ following the theme of the one-of-a-kind Suchness Spa ~ a place for transformation ~ a personal sanctum~

Catherina has over the years developed first a place ~ and now the products ~ allowing you to embrace Self in the elements of nature~ water, air, earth and fire ~ and allowing the natural effortless flow of calm surrender to create the expressions of beauty and grace that you seek~

Influenced by her numerous trips to Thailand and a deepening understanding and appreciation for the traditional hand crafts of the Hill Tribe of Thailand, Catherina began to work with the small villages of Southeast Asia. There she was able to get to know the individuals that could bring her clothing and jewelry designs to life using quality materials and the skilled craftsmanship of their heritage ~

Explore our collection of handcrafted artisan jewelry, made with natural stones

Hand-crafted ~ Natural Stone and Hand-cut Silver Jewelry
& Navajo originals

Our fine silks are imported from Thailand with fair trade practicesSuchness Collection goes beyond the concept of Fair Trade and Eco-Conscious ~ reflecting not only an innate respect for the earth and its people but a sense of form inexplicably arising from the formless depth of what is called ''suchness"~

The Suchness Collection Designs by Catherina is available exclusively at Suchness Spa, the custom created spa facility in the historic New Orleans Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas ~

We invite you to browse our extensive collection of unique artisan jewelry

Catherina and the Suchness Spa staff invite you to Come to Suchness to discover the Suchness Collection and to explore Evolving Body Care and Cultivating Spirit
~ Emaho~