About Suchness Rituals®

Spa Ritual - Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Suchness Spa Rituals® have been designed by spa consultant
and spa developer, Catherina Zorok Bernstein ~

The unfolding of the Suchness Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has resulted in the creation of a one-of-a-kind spa ~ a place for transformation ~ a personal sanctum ~  emaho ~

A place ~ where you may embrace Self in the elements of nature~ water, air, earth and fire ~ and allow the natural effortless flow of calm surrender to create the changes that you seek~

Healing modalities include body work, energetic work and rituals of healing touch that honor innate body wisdom ~ all incorporated into a perfect union of nature, technology, and ancient wisdom ~ These, along with a loving ambiance,  aid one in achieving renewal and in the reclaiming of the original Self~

In 2001, during the months following the September 11th events, Catherina and the therapists that worked with her noted a marked change in the needs and expectations of spa visitors. Catherina's instinct was to follow their lead and offer more of the deeper, spiritual aspects of healing touch such as she had developed with the Crown Chakra Lightwork® Ritual

Influenced by her numerous trips to Thailand and a deepening understanding and appreciation for the tradition of ancient Thai healing arts rituals, Catherina began to call these specialized techniques, spa rituals~

Suchness Spa Rituals® go beyond the concept of mind-body wellness~ reflecting not only an innate body wisdom but an evolving spirituality, a desire to experience 'suchness'~

Suchness offerings are available exclusively at our two locations ~ the custom created spa facility at 170 'B' E. Van Buren (Hwy 62) in Historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas ~ and at Suchness Cove Retreat, about 15 minutes from Eurkea overlooking Beaver Lake

Suchness Spa healing arts - Suchness Spa in Historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Only at Suchness Spa will you find the exquisite ambience of simplistic beauty and grace so common to Thailand's culture

~ elegant hand-crafted furnishings and art, native orchids and jasmine, and the aroma of Thailand's traditional herbs, all lend to the opening of the senses to new experiences ~

What is Suchness?

When appearances and names are put away and all discrimination ceases ~ that which remains is the true and essential nature of things and ~ as nothing can be predicated as to the nature of it is called the "Suchness" of Reality ~

This universal, undifferentiated, inscrutable, 'suchness' is the only Reality.

Lankavatara Sutra
from No Boundary by Ken Wilbur

as it expresses itself inwardly
may be likened to wood or rock,
it remains there
unmoved, unshaken,
while outwardly
it is like space,
nothing is obstructed or checked.

Suchness, as it is free
 both from activity and passivity,
knows no orientation,
it has no form,
there is in it neither gain nor loss.

- Manual of Zen Buddhism
by D.T. Suzuki

Catherina and the Suchness staff invite you to
Come to Suchness
~ Emaho

Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas