Body Cocoon Ritual®

Suchness Spa provides a body wrap cocoon to nourish and heal

Embrace the Self in the elements of nature: water, air, earth, and fire ~ allow the natural effortless flow of calm surrender to create the changes you seek~

My intention is to enter this cocoon
and swim in deep relaxation ~ Intention yields to the intent of the process~
Process yields to the intent of the universe~

I do nothing~
I awaken and fly to new places~
~Suchness ~

Body Cocoon Ritual

The Suchness Body Cocoon Ritual® is a full body healing experience ~ Nature's riches ~ Agents balancing the body's internal environment~ Designed to respect delicate internal rhythms~

Suchness Spa massages and rituals in the New Orleans Hotel and Spa of historic downtown Eureka Springs, AR

An application of gently penetrating herbs ~ with particular emphasis placed on the spinal column ~ is followed with a Mylar reflective wrap~

Lying on your back in a warm snug cocoon ~ tension and toxins are released, stimulating the lymphatic system ~

A moderately invigorating shower rinses away toxins and your skin is now ready for an infusion of herbal essentials~ gently applied with just a slight touch ~

you are once again renewed with a sense of gracious confidence that accompanies feelings of optimum health ~

Ocean Essence Cocoon

~the ultimate treatment for the body ~ emphasizing total relaxation~ After a thorough exfoliation of the skin with our exclusive Thai tumeric and plai glow, your body is enveloped with a warm aromatic body gel accented with a strip of self heating sea foam along the spine and allowed to cocoon for 20 minutes while head, face, and neck are gently massaged~ Followed by a warm Rain Shower and an application of cream that seals in moisture and nutrients~

  • 1 hour 40 minutes ~ $200
  • Re-mineralizing Cocoon

    An aromatic masque~ combining the trace minerals from sea water and essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang, basil and sage bring balance to the body~ Followed by Rain Shower and re-hydration~

  • 60 minutes ~ $145
  • Firming Toning Cocoon

    After a relaxation period, light massage strokes burst the micro-capsules, liberating the marine spring water and facilitating the absorption of the body masque~ No shower needed as this refreshing treatment leaves the skin moisturized and toned, and helps promote the formation of elastin and collagen for firmer, healthier skin~

  • 60 minutes - $155
  • Add-Ons ~ with any of the above services ~

  • Facial Hydration Finish - $20
  • Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Also Available at Suchness Spa

    • Our Zen Japanese Organics are based on a 5000 year ancient Japanese formula including pure organic ingredients ~ Imperial Green Tea, Rei Shi Mushroom, Kirin Red Ginseng, Japanese Plus and Japanese Knotweed ~ all certified organic and/or wildcrafted in Japan~
    • Phytomer - The OgénAge Marine Spring Water products, rich in minerals and trace elements, have a natural stimulating power, which renews and prevents free radicals and helps limit the effects of time on your skin ~ your skin is protected and radiates with vitality ~
    Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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    as well as friends and small groups ~ Spa Packages available
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