Suchness Spa Testimonials

Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel and Spa in historic downtown Eureka Springs, AR

~ Client comments on Massage

"Our Suchness Massage Ritual was to experience Light Touch that went to the depths of my being ~ creating and allowing blissful relaxation ~ truly a gift of Love~"
"I have never experienced such pure love~ It is obvious that Divine Order was at work~ Such a Blessing~"
~ Peg
"How amazing ~ I have tried pills, meditation & all kinds of therapies my whole life. Here I actually could feel my pain releasing ~ My first relaxation serenity and joy~ Thank you ~ very powerful~" ~ Carl
It has been an enlightening journey and the journey for two hours was a travel through time and then a release of fear ~ and brought love and comfort and a sense of wholeness to my universe."
I love, love, love this spa because it is not the "typical" experience. The owner and her specialists are responsive to individual problems related to health, body and wellness. They ask probing questions in order to meet the individual needs of each client. I went two years ago with horrible aches and pains related to stress. Not only did they relieve the pain but they gave me a long-term solution that has provided continuous relief. The treatment area is clean, has soft lighting, has wonderful fragrances and wonderful music. . . I will only go to this spa when I visit Eureka.

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Incredible Experience!
Best Spa Massage In Eureka Springs
Wonderful Ambience and real healing touch
Don't miss this jewel!!!

Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in historic downtown Eureka Springs, AR

~ Client comments on Energy Work / Healing

"Imagine letting your mind float while being fully present ~ Thoughts come in and go out. Gentle...loving hands guide the energy to connect with your inner self and bring a sense of wholeness to your being ~ Like a guided meditation without the personal influence of the spoken word ~ Like coming home...we arrive at a place of comfort and surrender ~ This is how I experience the Crown Chakra Ritual® at Suchness ~" ~Liz Beth Ryan~

"Sometimes, because of the depth of the energy work... it may be difficult to put the healing into words~ The words are not important~ What is important is to free oneself for this experience of bliss~" ~Namaste ~ Thomas

Crown Chakra light work ~ I`ve never had energy work that was as gentle & loving yet so intense & effective ~ You know that wonderful sensation of feeling like laughing & crying at the same time ~ Thank you , James

My experience was profoundly beautiful, enhanced by deep trust~ I gave up all control of everything ~ my breath, my heart beat...were no longer mine~ I experienced the ocean of my lymphatic system~ flowing and ebbing... completely independent of all else~ No emotions~ No mind~ Just Suchness~ Yet...with a non~passive insight that all was myself~ Yet...this is only my experience~ Come freely with no expectations...for the fullness of your experience" ~ Thomas

What a wonderful place to seek not only massage therapy, but also chakra light therapy, and other curative body treatments. The staff is friendly, extremely competent and offer state of the art oriental and western therapies, along with wide selection of body and facial lotions, oils, and salves. The spa owner, Cat Zorok, has a true gift for healing, and her spa reflects the serenity and respite of her soul. As an added bonus, the spa also carries jewelry and clothing she designs, inspired by her frequent journeys to the Far East. A true source of relaxation and retreat from the outside world! (from

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