Suchness Cove Retreat

Lodging and Spa Days are available in a meditation cabin beside a quiet cove on Beaver Lake, within a short drive to historic downtown Eureka Springs


an Asian-Ozarks cabin in the woods allowing you to open and reconnect ~ with earth energy ~ with simplicity ~ and with each other ~

Located just 15 minutes from Eureka Springs, Suchness Cove is a secluded retreat overlooking Beaver Lake ~

To schedule your private Spa Day or Couples Retreat call

479-253-2828 or Email Us

About the Retreat

Stay at the Suchness Cove Retreat cabin and enjoy lodging beside a private, calm, and secluded cove of Beaver Lake

Soul ~ as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary

~ the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life ~ the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe ~ a person's total self ~ an active or essential part

  • Simple and elegant surroundings provide a peaceful ambiance for connection with Soul
  • Spring, Summer, Fall or even winter brings a special connection with the soul of Mother Earth
  • Suchness spa services may be booked concurrent with your stay
  • We invite you to book 3 or more nights at Suchness Cove to allow yourself to delve deeply into an experience of Soul

Inside the Cabin

The Suchness Cove Retreat cabin offers luxury and simplicity in the midst of Arkansas' natural beauty

Enjoy relaxation while surrounded by beauty

Our cabin is designed to combine zen simplicity with Western comforts and luxury

Asian style and simplicity invite time within ~

Suchness Cove Retreat on Beaver Lake

Tea for Two - ahhhh~

An Oasis of Nature

Suchness Spa Cove Retreat - a hidden gem of Northwest Arkansas

Suchness Cove Retreat is buried in the Ozark Mountains, next to Beaver Lake and within a short drive of Eureka Springs

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