Hands & Feet Ritual®

Experience the relaxation of our Hands and Feet Spa Ritual

~ Exotic Thai Oils anoint and massage
in this Ritual of Release ~

The hand
Like a miniature Body ~
Energy moves along the fingers to the wrist
The body awakens to Life ~ Flow ~ Love
Within the microcosm and macrocosm of Self ~

The Suchness Spa Ritual of Hands and Feet ~ the anointing of the hands and feet is a sacred ritual of cleansing and revivifying many layers of our being~

"A letting go of the old as the gentle salts work into my pores ~ now opening to something new~ A warm stream of water coming into emptiness, along my fingertips ~ running between my fingers ~ into my palms ~ Grace flows ~ soothing and awakening~ Precious flow of water~ my whole body soaking up suchness~"
~ Cynthia

Hand & Foot Ritual of Release

  • 60 minutes ~ $100
  • Other Suchness Signature Services ~

    An Evening of Beauty

    Our signature Suchness blend of Dead Sea Mineral Salts laced with essential oils, a candle and a dose of relaxing herbal tea ~To Go~

  • $35
  • Thai Steam & Lotus Shower (at Suchness Cove)

    A ritual of cleansing ~ an intense, purifying Thai herbal steam followed by a Lotus Shower ~ stimulating the lymphatic and the meridians of the body accented by a manipulation of the spinal column~ Followed by moisturizing massage.~

  • 60 minutes ~ $100
  • Spa Day Packages

    Imagine the feeling of bliss indulging in the most finely woven Spa Day customized to fit you~ Enhance your life with massage ~ renew your body with a re-mineralizing cocoon or cleanse your skin with a Sea Glow ~ clear your mind in the healing waters of the Lotus Shower~

  • Spa half-day Package - $250
  • Spa full day package ~ $500 ~ includes lunch
  • Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Suchness Spa Suites are specially designed for couples massage
    as well as friends and small groups ~ Custom Spa Packages available
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