Suchness Facial Ritual

Softening ~ Penetrating ~ Nourishing

Suchness Spa in historic downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas

Selected for your individual skin needs ~ the highest quality, natural products gently exfoliate, condition and moisturize the delicate area of the face ~ providing an enlivening and nourishing experience ~ releasing the glowing, natural beauty within ~

Bringing tiny sparks of life to the surface ~ a glow emanates from within ~ the whole face smiles and welcomes

~ Like a Rose ~

As the light touch of fingers worked rhythmically and gently over the sensitive areas of my face, along my upper lip, along the sides of my nose and around my eyes ~ moving steadily up and down the mountainous terrain of my face ~ I felt like Gulliver as he lay motionless with the small Lilliputians working over him ~ a humorous experience of being both the observer and the observed~" ~ one who used to think facials were about looking 'pretty'!

Facial Ritual Menu

Close your eyes in calm surrender and transform ~
renewing a sense of beauty once lost ~

Hydration Continue Facial

This facial delivers much needed moisture to restore and re-hydrate even the driest skin types~

  • 30 minutes ~ $70
  • Ogenange Facial

    Excellent for mature or sun-exposed skin. A revitalizing, deep-penetrating toning using the stimulating power of marine spring water.~

  • 30 minutes ~ $70
  • Mini Facial

    Includes all the essential elements of healthy skin care; cleansing, toning and re-moisturizing~

  • 20 minutes - $50
  • Gentlemen's Facial

    Using nutrient rich marine agents to meet the specific needs of a man's skin~ Cleansing, followed by an oxygenating masque and re-moisturizing massage of head and neck~

  • 30 minutes - $70
  • Facials for the back

    ~ one of the most powerful regions of the body - lined with proprioreceptors along the spine which release endorphins and stimulate a sense of well-being~

  • 30 minutes - $70
  • Add-On Spa Facial services ~

  • Facial Hydration Finish - $20
  • Thai Herbal Poultices $30
  • Self-heating Sea Foam Treatments applied to neck, spine, feet, hips ~ $25 per application
  • Aromatherapy - $25
  • Suchness Spa Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Also Available at Suchness Spa

    • Our Zen Japanese Organics are based on a 5000 year ancient Japanese formula including pure organic ingredients ~ Imperial Green Tea, Rei Shi Mushroom, Kirin Red Ginseng, Japanese Plus and Japanese Knotweed ~ all certified organic and/or wildcrafted in Japan~
    • Phytomer - The OgénAge Marine Spring Water products, rich in minerals and trace elements, have a natural stimulating power, which renews and prevents free radicals and helps limit the effects of time on your skin ~ your skin is protected and radiates with vitality ~
    Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Suchness Spa Suites are specially designed for couples massage
    as well as friends and small groups ~ Spa Packages available
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