Thai Herbal Steam & Lotus Shower (available at Suchness Cove)

Lotus Shower ~ a signature service for relaxation and pain relief

The Lotus shower works subtly like a gentle spring rain seeping deeply into Earth ~
And Earth simply does her part by not resisting~

The mystery of the waters begins with a warm soothing spray gently misting the energy meridians and chakra centers of the back, beckoning you to begin the journey to a deep sweet stillness ~ to Suchness~

Trust the healing waters for they will lead you to your heart~ Let the waters seep into your deepest secrets and calmly observe ~

There is something waiting to be born~

My experience was profoundly beautiful, enhanced by deep trust~ I gave up all control of everything ~ my breath, my heart beat...were no longer mine~ I experienced the ocean of my lymphatic system~ flowing and ebbing... completely independent of all else~ No emotions~ No mind~ Just Suchness~ Yet...with a non~passive insight that all was myself~ Yet...this is only my experience~ Come freely with no expectations...for the fullness of your experience" ~ Thomas

Thai Herbal Steam & Lotus Shower® ~

(available at Suchness Cove)

A ritual of cleansing ~ an intense, purifying Thai herbal steam followed by a Lotus Shower ~ stimulating the lymphatic and the energy meridians of the body ~ accented by a manipulation of the spinal column and followed by a moisturizing massage~

  • 60 minutes - $100
Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas Suchness Spa in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Also Available at Suchness Spa

  • Our Zen Japanese Organics are based on a 5000 year ancient Japanese formula including pure organic ingredients ~ Imperial Green Tea, Rei Shi Mushroom, Kirin Red Ginseng, Japanese Plus and Japanese Knotweed ~ all certified organic and/or wildcrafted in Japan~
  • Phytomer - The OgénAge Marine Spring Water products, rich in minerals and trace elements, have a natural stimulating power, which renews and prevents free radicals and helps limit the effects of time on your skin ~ your skin is protected and radiates with vitality ~
Suchness Spa at the New Orleans Hotel in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • This service may be combined with a Suchness massage or any of &energy rituals ~
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